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  2. US Intellectual Property Protection — September 23, 2014
  3. Retail Price Protection When Entering The US’ Commercial Markets — August 23, 2014
  4. Arbitration: Is It Really All It’s Cracked Out To Be? — May 17, 2014
  5. US Employment Issues – Part 2 – The Independent Contractor — April 16, 2014

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Nov 17

The Legal Risk of DIY

THE LEGAL RISK OF DIY New Zealand is a proud Do-It-Yourself (“DIY”) nation whose people demonstrate what we Americans admiringly call “rugged individualism”. This national character trait likely takes its roots from the construction of a society so far away from the rest of the world thereby creating a unique mixture of self-reliance and communal …

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Sep 23

US Intellectual Property Protection

PROTECT YOUR NEW ZEALAND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Understanding the protection afforded to your intellectual property by US law is of key importance when doing business in the United States. Many a hopeful entrepreneur has found his or her ideas stolen or their intellectual property copied because they did not take the necessary steps to protect themselves. …

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Aug 23

Retail Price Protection When Entering The US’ Commercial Markets

MINIMUM RETAIL PRICE PROTECTION WHEN ENTERING THE US’ COMMERCIAL MARKETS The Norris Law Firm – US & International Law   It’s always a good idea to create and maintain a unified pricing strategy when taking your goods to market in the United States. However, protecting your retail price is more difficult than one might imagine. …

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May 17

Arbitration: Is It Really All It’s Cracked Out To Be?

  The Norris Law Firm – US and International Law Arbitration: Is It Really All It’s Cracked Out To Be? Most international commercial agreements contain clauses which provide for final and binding arbitration to settle any disputes between the parties. Many lawyers are inclined to tell their clients that arbitration is the best way to …

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Apr 16

US Employment Issues – Part 2 – The Independent Contractor

US Employment Issues – Part 2 – The Independent Contractor* In our Auckland practice we have the privilege of working with many New Zealand clients that are expanding their businesses into the United States. Often times these clients enter into contractual relationships with American distributors or sales agents/marketing representatives rather than sending one of their …

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Mar 19

US Employment Issues – Part 1 – The At-Will Employee

US Employment Challenges – Part 1 – The At-Will Employee* New Zealand businesses expanding into the US often face the following decisions of whether: (1) to directly hire employees in the US; (2) to hire a third-party contractor who acts as the Kiwi business’s agent, (3) to hire a third party employment agency to manage …

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Jan 22

Don’t be fooled: You Need Legal Advice when Choosing your State of Incorporation

Have you been told that your US branch HAS to be incorporated in Delaware to take advantage of the management friendly laws, or that you NEED to incorporate in Nevada or Wyoming to escape state income taxes? Do you need to choose your State of Incorporation? Have you run across services boasting of the advantages …

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Dec 08

Jurisdiction Selection Clauses

Most agreements contain clauses which select the law of the jurisdiction, the Jurisdiction Selection Clause, which controls the interpretation of the agreement. Many business people fail to realize that this selection will also, for the most part, determine the law which controls any dispute over the contract as well. We have run into several cases …

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Dec 04

US Chamber of Commerce ‘Doing Business with the USA’ on November 7 in ChristChurch

The Norris Law Firm Partner, Ada Echetebu spoke as the US Legal and Regulatory Affairs expert at the US Chamber of Commerce New Zealand’s ‘Doing Business with the USA’ event in Christchurch on November 7, 2013. Ms. Ada Echetebu spoke about the importance of Kiwi entrepreneurs investing in proper US legal counsel prior to embarking …

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Dec 04

American Chamber of Commerce ‘Doing Business with the USA’ on October 16 in Auckland

Ms. Ada Echetebu will take the stage during the American Chamber of Commerce event ‘Doing Business with the USA’ in Auckland on October 16, and in Christchurch on November 7. American Chamber of Commerce New Zealand: Doing business with the USA Auckland Programme When: 16 Oct 2013, 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM Location: ANZ, 23-29 …

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